JAR FOUNDATION is a National,Non-governmental, Non-political and Non-profitable but a Private Voluntary Development Organization.

JAR FOUNDATION’s mission is Bangladeshi institutions and individuals towards Bangladesh’s socio-economic development. We began with an integrated focus on the needs of one village, Middle Halishahar Munshipara , in Chattogram district.
Our purpose is to create lasting change through volunteering.

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NGO REG NO : 3176 , RJSC REG NO. CHS-602

Policy and Objectives
Policy :
Service for the less fortunate

Objectives :
Attaching the youths to the society and creating awareness among them about the services and rights of the disadvantaged classes of the society so that they can grow up as a complete human being, helping the children and juveniles to flourish their latent talent and making the disadvantaged people skilled manpower by providing them various types of training.

The organization adopts the following programs:

1. The main basis of the organization is serving the distressed humanity.

2. This organization will work as thoroughly non political, non profitable, secular, voluntary and social welfare

based organization. 3. This organization will conduct welfare based humanitarian activities through financial cooperation by developing fraternity among all classes of people of the society and of the country at large.

4. This organization will extend financial cooperation from its own fund with a view to doing economic and social development of non organized, rootless and lower class people.

5. This organization will work for the rectification of juvenile offenses and providing job for physically and mentally handicapped people.

6. This organization will take arrangement for distributing sewing machine, weaving techniques, typing and computer compose and thereby providing jobs to them and rehabilitating them.

7. This organization will make efforts for the development of religion morality and character of all classes of people irrespective of religion, caste and creed.

8. This organization will undertake distribution of pure drinking water, sanitation supply, cleaning of pond, marsh, drains and canals so that the environment can be saved from being polluted.

9. As education is the backbone of a nation this organization will undertake programs helpful for spreading education, distribution of books free of cost to the distressed, poor and meritorious students, distribution of scholarship. Moreover there will be arrangement for successful accomplishment of adult education center and center for literacy training.

10. All members of this organization will pay the role of volunteers during the period of natural disaster.

11. With a view to eradicating the dowry system no member of this organization and none of their family members will take dowry in their marriage. Moreover they will create consciousness in the society about implementation of this program.

12. Financial assistance will be given from the fund of this organization to fathers who are burdened with unmarried daughters in arranging marriage for them. Moreover arrangement will be made for the burial of dead bodies without any claimant.

13. This organization will provide maximum financial assistance in the arena of education, health, improvement of environment, safe maternity, child welfare, rehabilitation of the distressed people.

14. This organization will take initiatives for the establishment of human rights and values.

15. This organization will take initiatives for recreational activities like sports, cultural programs, physical exercise, picnic etc. Moreover it will publish literary articles, essays, educative leaflets, magazines and books and will celebrate the anniversary of the organization.

16. This organization will observe national and religious programs and activities.

17. This organization will extend all out cooperation in compulsory activities of birth and death registration in the locality.

18. This organization will act in programs of HIV/AIDS prevention, drug prevention, bronchitis prevention, prevention of Acid terrorism and in activities aimed at creating awareness in this regard.

19. This organization will have arrangement for its own land.

20. This organization will have communication with various social welfare organizations and work hand in hand with them.

21. It will conduct “Old home” for distressed, old and helpless male and female.

Charitable Activities in Bangladesh.

Our values


  • Empower poor and marginalised people to take charge of their own development.
  • Share skills and knowledge to create long lasting, sustainable change.
  • We are trying to Change life of power people.


  • Lead volunteering for development, setting the standard for ourselves and others.
  • Use evidence and insight to guide our actions.
  • Recruit the right people and work where we have the greatest impact.


  • Stand beside and advocate for those who have been denied choice and opportunity.
  • Promote diversity and equality throughout our work.
  • Encourage different, inquisitive perspectives.


  • Commit to safeguarding and take a zero-tolerance approach to abuse and harm.
  • Treat others with respect, as equals.
  • Be open, transparent and accountable in everything we do.

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